Thousands of people with expired drivers' licenses in Iowa may just have a couple of days or weeks to get renewed.

There has obviously not been an official end to the pandemic declared, but without one in sight, a provision to offer a grace period to Iowa drivers whose licenses have expired during the pandemic is about to end.

The provision was issued by Governor Kim Reynolds to an emergency proclamation that stated any license expiring between Jan. 16, 2020, and Jan. 8, 2021, would remain valid throughout the pandemic. But, that provision ends this Saturday, January 9 according to the Des Moines Register.

An additional proclamation that suspended the enforcement of expired licenses also ends that day. The good news is, if your license just expired starting in November, you're still within the "regular" 60-day grace period.

Go to this website to schedule an appointment for online renewal. Many aren't eligible for that, as drivers can only renew online every other year. If you can't get renewed online, you should request an in-person appointment or extension as soon as possible.

As they're booking appointments about two weeks out, an Iowa Department of Transportation spokesperson suggests logging in early, around 8 a.m. is the best time most days, and you may be able to catch an opening that's been canceled or rescheduled for a same-day appointment at your nearest DOT service station. If you're within your regular 60-day grace period, and only then, can you also request an additional 6-month extension for renewal.

12,000 license-holders have reportedly already exceeded their regular 60-day grace period and may soon face fines, fees or tickets.

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