The ongoing pandemic and the economic issues that have come with it continue to disrupt our lives on a daily basis. The one thing you constantly hear about lately is the 'supply chain'. A lack of employees at plants, trucking companies, and grocery stores is putting the American consumer in a real pinch. It is also creating a shortage of certain items when you go shopping at your local grocery store. Here are five more items that are either getting harder to find, or are just not in most stores right now.

"Heap of Sliced honey ham,cheddar cheese, and crackers"

1. Lunchables - During the course of the pandemic, there have been plenty of Lunchables to go around. reports that last September, the folks at Kraft said they'd focus on keeping in demand items like ketchup, macaroni and cheese, and Lunchables in stock. But due to problems in the supply chain and thousands of kids going back to school, demand for Lunchables are up by double digits. Some stores are completely out, and others could be soon.

Wilson Wen
Wilson Wen

2. Canned Goods - EatThis says you can blame this on the ongoing aluminum shortage. It has made life tough for soda companies and other canned goods for quite awhile now. The problems with the supply chain are now causing shortages of canned goods like tomato products like tomato paste, canned tomatoes and tomato sauce. Once again, you might find these items in store, but they have a fraction of the supply that they normally do.

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3. Turkey - Well this one couldn't come at a worse time. With fall officially arriving in just a couple of days, many of us will turn our attention to the wonderful holiday known as Thanksgiving. Big birds could be hard to find this year, according to EatThis. Last year, people celebrated with smaller groups, and many factories had to shut down due to COVID. Now grain prices are up, the labor market is still tight and there is a shortage of smaller birds weighing 14 pounds or less. The bottom line? Don't wait too long to grab your bird this year!

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4. Chicken - We were warned earlier this year that there could be a chicken shortage, and now they are getting hard to find in some areas. EatThis reports that grocery stores are having to get birds from different suppliers. Yes, you can find them in stores, but the selection might not be what it normally is. We bought some chicken at the store over the weekend and was surprised at how much it was, and how empty the freezer section was. With many processing plants still affected by COVID, this could last for awhile.

Pet food and supplies for dog or cat
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5. Pet food - Great, now its not only more expensive to feed my kids, but it is also more expensive to feed my pets too! Pet food prices are up anywhere from 8% to 20% according to EatThis. Some brands are tough to find too. Its a reminder that the supply chain for pet food can be challenged just like ours can. Downtime at facilities and a lack of supplies has caused the price of kibble to skyrocket.

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