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The hit game show is coming to Iowa this year! When I got to stay home from school as a kid because I was sick (or maybe just trying to get out of that test I didn't study for) I would turn on the tv to the same exact program every single time...

The Price Is Right!

The show is centered around the idea of contestants trying to guess the prices of random objects. Premiering in 1972, the program has been a hit for generations.

Over the past year, show creatives have been taking this whole operation out on the road...

Minus Drew Carrey of course!

The Price Is Right Live! gives eligible showgoers the chance to win various prizes. From appliances, vacations, or even possibly a new car, the sky is the limit with the show.

Audience members get the chance at playing games from the iconic show like:

  • Plinko™
  •  Cliffhangers™
  • The Big Wheel™

AND people get a chance to participate in the fabulous Showcase!

The Price Is Right

This live show will be making its way to Iowa in the fall. On Friday, October 28th is when fans of the hit game show can come on down to Coralville. It will be held at the Xtream Arena.

Tickets for the show go on sale July 15th. For more details and ticket information make sure to check out the venue's website here.

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