It came as quite a surprise to me when, earlier this week, I noticed a particular post floating across my Facebook timeline. John Tesh has been somewhat quietly battling prostate cancer for the last two years.

The post consisted of an interview on his career, as well as the mention of his diagnosis and that he's been taking chemotherapy treatment for two years, while still touring and hosting his radio show. You can hear "Intellligence for Your Life" every Sunday through Friday night here on KDAT.

While we don't all know him personally--his show is brought to us in syndication--John has been part of the KDAT family for a long time. The good news is, according to a post shared by one of his producers, D. Scott Meyers, he is now cancer-free and has a very positive prognosis.

This is great news. We thank John for sharing his story and we wish him, his wife Connie Sellecca and their family all the best in this journey. We are happy to know John is doing well and feel more fortunate than ever to be able to share his talent with you.

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