If you've ever been to a party, family get-together, college, (or anywhere really) you've probably drank out of a 'red solo cup'. Well, the creator of this genius invention Robert Leo Hulseman has passed away.

People.com reported that Hulseman died on December 21 at the age of 84. The article states that Hulseman began working at Solo Cup Company when he was 18. Later, during the 70's, he was credited with the simple design of the party cup that featured an "eye-grabbing color" and fill lines inside the cup at the bottom (that way you can properly measure your booze). Genius!

Since then the cups design has been altered to include square bottoms, for more stable drinking-game play at parties. Thus, making it the official party cup.

We're sad we had to loose another great one in 2016. Thanks for changing drinking culture as we know it Robert! There's only one song we can play to pay tribute to your great creation.

Caution: This video is an unedited version.


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