The '80s gave us some great music and some very cheesy acting, and sometimes the two were combined, as TV and movie stars like Don Johnson and Bruce Willis tried to capitalize on their popularity in one format of pop culture and branch out into another.

I want to take a poll and ask you, who was the best actor who tried his or her hand at music and vice versa in the '80s?  Leave your thoughts in the comments. Here are a few nominees.


  • Michael Damian

  • Bruce Willis

  • Eddie Murphy

    Having the help of disco star and best friend Rick James didn't hurt, but "Party All the Time"  blew up, despite being very cheesy. Although I totally dug it and still do to this day. Another song that's a lot better than it gets credit for. It turned out, Axel Foley from "Beverly Hills Cop" was actually pretty good at music, too.

  • Jack Wagner

    In his case, the singing was almost better than the acting, but soap star Jack Wagner belted out a big hit with "All I Need" in "dramatic" fashion.

    [Via Wikipedia]

  • Don Johnson

    Miami Vice's Sonny Crockett wanted to strike while the iron was hot and indulge in his musical hobby with "Heartbeat". It was so great, yet epically cheesy, I can't even find an "official" video, so this clip will have to do.

    Not to be outdone, his co-star Philip Michael Thomas tried his hand at the music thing, too.

  • Patrick Swayze

    How could I forget easily the most memorable actor-singer of the '80s.

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