You all know how much I love my '80s music. As I've mentioned, it's my favorite thing on the workday, playing it for a full hour at noon on the Retro Cafe.

In my opinion, there wasn't a dud in the bunch when it comes to that decade of music. I literally couldn't think of one I didn't like, so I set out to find one through a poll:


Here are a few that were mentioned. Thanks to my friends Holly and Shelly for contributing.

Indeed a very popular, yet polarizing band and song:

Note the qualifier here of it being the "German Version":

Pac-Man Fever – Buckner & Garcia

Far From Over – Frank Stallone

Taco-Puttin' on the Ritz

Mexican Radio...Wall of Voodoo

Two of Hearts-Stacey Q

I don't recall actually ever having heard this one, but it might just be the winner. Courtesy of my friend Shelly, the worst Song of the '80s is...

 "I Eat Cannibals"?!

On the other hand, I will conclude with a song I refuse to accept anywhere near a "Worst '80s songs" list, yet I see it there again and again.

You're treading on very sacred ground with me on that one.

Thank you for sending me your picks, and Happy Retroing!


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