It's been a warm couple of weeks in Eastern Iowa, to say the least. With temperatures approaching or exceeding 90 for several days, many folks are looking for ways to beat the heat.

I've had friends report that their air conditioning units have given out during this period of extreme heat. Perfect timing, but at least they can get it fixed.

The good news is, the weather will cool down this week. The bad news is, it won't be long before the hot weather returns.

The Salvation Army of Cedar Rapids is now offering help. You can set up an appointment with them to receive a free box fan by calling (319) 364-9131. You can qualify if you haven't received one from them in the past and have an Iowa-issued photo identification card you can present to them.

The Salvation Army is located at 1000 C Avenue NW. You are also encouraged to make a donation of a used box fan in good condition, if you have one available.

[Via CBS2]

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