[UPDATE, 9/17, 22 6:52 a.m.] We're finally getting a look at the "finished product" after famous former Iowan and now big-time Hollywood movie star Jason Momoa shaved his head a couple of weeks ago. In a new Instagram video, the actor stops for a photo op before boarding a plane, reminding folks of the cause he was supporting with the head-shave (awareness of the environmental damage of single-use plastics). He promoted that cause once again AND showed off some new noggin ink! Check it out below!

Momoa, Instagram
Momoa, Instagram


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The world was slightly stunned this week to see the new look being sported by "Aquaman" star and former Iowan Jason Momoa. Turns out the hair DOESN'T make the man, as Momoa took to Instagram to shave most of his beloved and well-maintained mane.




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Oh no! Why would he do this? It turns out it was his way of protesting single-use plastics and their effects on the environment. Jason Momoa said, in USA Today and other sources:

I’m tired of these plastic bottles, we’ve got to stop, he says. "Plastic forks. All that (stuff) just goes into our land, goes into our ocean. It's just so sad," he adds. "Please do anything you can do to eliminate single-use plastics in your life. Help me."

He didn't show the finished product at the end of the video (which would have been nice given how seemingly invested people apparently are in his hair), but his fans were torn.

"Hair grows back and it’s for a great cause! I’m sure it will look amazing," one commented.

"Noooo, yeahhhh! But noooo," wrote another.

Momoa did something similar back in 2019 when he shaved his beard to launch a product called Mananalu Water. That company now promises to remove a plastic bottle bound for the ocean for every bottle of Mananalu a consumer drinks

As you know if you've spent any time reading any of our "famous Iowan" articles, Jason Momoa spent a few years of childhood growing up in Norwalk, Iowa. Can we hope for a return trip before the hair grows back?? Doubtful, although he does visit quite often.

Kudos to Jason Momoa for making a huge statement in his way for a cause close to his heart (and for having enough hair to pull it off).

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