A lot of us will admit we have an Amazon addiction, but we only joke about it. We needed all of that stuff we ordered, and we use it all regularly.

TikTok user Cassie5616 posted a video to her account, which showed a mountain of boxes outside of her neighbor's house, all from Amazon, all delivered at once.

The boxes, as you can see, are stacked nearly to the top of the single story house, and sit several rows deep.

I can only imagine this was some sort of prank, and all the boxes are just empty, or just something small in each box.

By the third video, the pile of boxes continued to grow, until it was covered by a tarp, taking up most of the driveway.

Some users speculated that the recipient of the boxes may have been an Amazon seller who was kicked off of the website and had their inventory returned from a warehouse.

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