Whoever said there are no dumb questions is stupid. Have you ever been in a group of people either at school or at work and someone goes to ask something absolutely dumb?

Well, I found questions that people have about the Hawkeye State. Some of them are reasonable, but others make me question how much brainpower some people have. Here are some of the most constantly asked questions about the state of Iowa, and in a great test of strength I'll try to answer them with a minimal amount of snark.

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There are quite a few misconceptions about Iowa, and especially as a Midwest transplant, I've even started getting annoyed by them. Plenty of my friends from the east coast assume some very strange and straight-up inaccurate things about life here in the Hawkeye State.

First off, why do people always confuse Iowa for Idaho or Ohio?

I understand that Iowa and Idaho both start with 'I's and are in the Midwest, but that's where the similarities pretty much end. Also, why Ohio? Just because both state names only have four letters...okay I might get SOME of the confusion.

But there are so many other dumb questions that I had no clue people were asking! In case you just like myself are a bit tired and don't feel like answering those questions, you can just send this to that friend from Arkansas who has no clue what a caucus even is.

So in the end, I fell down a rabbit hole, I found a good mixture of stupid and interesting questions that many Iowans are tired of being asked.

Questions Iowans Are Tired of Being Asked

Whoever said there are no dumb questions is an idiot. Here are some of the most common questions Iowans get asked...proven through SCIENCE! Also, the answers are included so if you're tired of being asked you can just send this right along.

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