Last year, like pretty much everything else, the majority of Summer Iowa Games were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. A few months ago, the Winter Iowa Games saw an abbreviated version of those events. Now, the 2021 Summer Iowa Games are back and are a "full go" with registration underway. 

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In a press release, Chuck Long, CEO and Executive Director of the Iowa Sports Foundation commented:

"We're looking forward to welcoming athletes from across the state of Iowa to the 2021 Summer Games. As always, our priority is the health and safety of our participants, and we will be implementing COVID-19 mitigation protocols at activity sites, in order to provide a safe environment for all."

Of course, the Summer Iowa Games offer the normal array of traditional sports, like basketball, baseball, softball, golf and soccer. But I couldn't help but laugh a little at some of the other "sports' listed, I guess these would fall under the heading of "competitions'. Everything from Badminton, Bocce Ball, to Cornhole (Bags) to FootGolf. Along with Pickleball, Spikeball, Hooverball and even Light Saber competitions.

I loosely define the difference between a sport and a game/competition as this. If you can drink a beer while you're participating in the activity, it's not a sport. If you can play it in your backyard or at a tailgate party, it's not a sport. That being said, scroll down for photos below and a description of each "sport", I mean competition. Let the games begin!

Summer Iowa Games - Register for One of These Fun Events - Photos

Registration is now open for many of the over 50 sports offered during the Summer Iowa Games. Most of the competitions will be held from July 10 - August 1. The majority of the sporting events and competitions will take place in the Ames community, Iowa State University campus and in the Des Moines area. Check out the full list of events here. Most events will have an early, middle and final deadline. Check your favorite sport for details and deadline dates. If you get signed-up early, you'll save on registration fees.

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