It's as if Mother Nature is cramming for her Winter finals, and unfortunately for us, it looks like she is going to pass. Although, from this side of the shovel, it looks like a big ol' FAIL. Heading into the last full week before Spring, we are being "tested" at the last minute by some fresh snow. CBS2 WeatherFirst's Brandon Marshall reports it is likely to turn into the most snowfall we've had in a single 24-hour period in Cedar Rapids, since we got 3.8 inches on December 4.  His recent Tweet tells the story of how much we're going to get.

That means we are in the midst of what will be essentially the biggest single snowfall event of the calendar season of winter in the corridor. That's rather astonishing, and I guess we can't complain about our easy winter so far, but I sure hate inconvenient last-minute surprises!

Please remember to be careful on your Monday morning commute. Be sure to keep an eye on our website for any news on closings and cancellations. As we "sprung forward" and set our clocks ahead one hour this weekend, all it really got us in this case, as a coworker of mine said, was an extra hour of daylight to shovel the snow.

Hang in there, only 8 more days until Spring.

[Via CBS2 WeatherFirst, Brandon Marshall Twitter, KDAT]

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