We're only halfway through January and I think Iowa has seen all it's needed to see of winter in 2 weeks. Iowa, along with 45% of the United States has been under a wind chill advisory for a little over 48 hours. It's been suggested we stay indoors as much as possible and bring our pets inside.

At 6 a.m. today (January 6), my phone said the wind chill made it feel like it was -31 outside. When the windchill is that cold, your pet can get frostbite in as little as 10 minutes.

Last week, various parts of Iowa saw record snowfall with some cities seeing up to 15 inches of snow. There are two kinds of snow days here in Iowa. Days when it's 25 degrees outside and dumps heavy, wet, and slushy snow. Then there are the days when it's 5 degrees, the snow is light, and most of the snow is just being blown around by the wind.

If you or your kids are playing in the snow and you decide to eat some of it, is that safe?

Unsplash - Kelly Sikkema
Unsplash - Kelly Sikkema

Is It Safe To Eat Snow?

This should go without saying but if the snow is yellow, black, gray, or brown, don't eat it. If it's been plowed by a snowplow to the side of the road, don't eat it. What about the perfectly clean white snow that's in the backyard of your house? Is that safe to eat?

According to FOX Weather, the answer is more than just a simple yes or no. As snow falls, it collects pollutants from the air as it travels downward. The earlier the snowfall, the less safe it is to consume. The first snowfall also is most likely to come in contact with the ground, which is covered in dirt, animal waste, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Once the first snowfall has passed, it can help pave the way for a cleaner blanket for the next time it snows. According to FOX Weather,

 It is generally safe to eat snow if you do so in moderation and take a few precautions.

If you end up taking a bite of Iowa snow candy, you're probably going to be fine. Like all things, moderation is key and stay away from any snow that looks contaminated.

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