David Letterman

David Letterman Returning to TV for New Netflix Series
Like so many famous Davids, you’d never know if Letterman was content to enjoy retirement, or stage an unexpected comeback. The revered interviewer and former Late Show host is officially making a return to our lives, leading – what else – a new Netflix series doing what he does…
CBS Screws Up Late Show Transition
Like many, I watched Letterman's final show last night. And like many, I wondered what was going to happen Thursday night, and over the next couple months, as Colbert won't take over till September 8th.  Tonight we got that answer, and learned another disturbing fact.
Now That Dave Is Gone
Tonight is the David Letterman finale, and everyone is chiming in with their sentiments.  Some are even saying "now what?"  Maybe it's my age.  Maybe it's what I was raised on.  But I'm not too worried, as I've never been a fan.

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