Milk and bread, bread and milk, you're going to the store today to get it, aren't you?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last week, you're well aware that Iowa and the Quad Cities are about to get some snow. Our pals at KWQC say that Davenport could have a foot of snow by Wednesday night. And not only that, we could see more snow on Friday. Single-digit temps this weekend. I'll see y'all in March.


One thing I've never understood is why everyone becomes so bent to buy milk and bread specifically right before a big snow hits. I've always been a Cheez-Its and Diet Coke kind of gal myself.

The Science Behind Milk & Bread

Large Winter Storm Brings Snow To Seattle
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How Stuff Works looked into the science of why we lose our collective minds over milk & bread before a snowstorm and y'all. Prepare yourselves not for the bread aisle, but for these reasons we stockpile milk & bread.

We're Optimistic

Hahaha but actually. Experts say we buy perishable goods instead of non-perishable stuff ahead of something like a snowstorm because we are optimistic that it will blow over soon. Psychologist Judy Rosenberg said:

Buying perishables is like saying, 'the storm will be over soon and I won't be stuck in this situation for long

We Feel Safe & In Control

Another reason for hoarding milk & bread before a storm is that buying perishables are a habit we're used to, that makes us feel safe and secure in our routine. And it gives us the feeling of being prepared, like we're in control. I mean, you are prepared, as long as everyone in your house likes nothing but sandwiches for an entire week.

Because We're That Fun

Researcher Alan Stewart said that things like snowstorms can evoke childhood memories and positivity, instead of dread and worry. So you could stock up on bread, milk, cinnamon, and whatever to have French toast for days on end.

We Want To Help If We Have To

The whole "Iowa Nice" thing may actually be in your subconscious too. It may be part of the reason you've loaded up on extras, in case your neighbors or friends need something while travel is tough. Rosenberg said:

If we have plenty on hand and others didn't have time to shop, at least we can offer them food while they weather the storm

What You Should Definitely Do

Oklahoma Prepares For Another Big Winter Storm
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As we get ready for some good old Midwest January snow, keep an eye on what the folks at KWQC are forecasting. If you have appointments or events at night early this week, right now they're advising that you reschedule them if you can.

As for the milk and bread, have at it if you feel particularly optimistic. But back off my Cheez-Its and Diet Coke.

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