I may have reacted with almost equal amazement as the gal in the photo above, when I recently finally got my hands on the object of the fad that's been sweeping the nation for months: the fidget spinner.

These things are ridiculous...ly addicting. One could spend hours holding that sucker by the center piece in one hand and just spinning it round and round...and round with the other. I, of course, have not yet spent hours upon hours fidgeting with the spinner of magic. Maybe 3 minutes at a time at the most, but it is certainly a boredom-buster, if not successfully serving its intended purpose which, according to Wikipedia is to assist with focus issues and alleviate the habit of well, idly fidgeting.

You owe it to yourself to pick up one...hundred of these fidget spinners and spin to your heart's content. It's so much fun your head will spin. How soon before this becomes a game show, am I right?

[Via Wikipedia]

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