Is there a food that you absolutely can't stand?

The website Zippia recently decided to figure out the most hated foods in all 50 states by using Google search data. They couldn't possibly look at ALL the disgusting foods out there, so they narrowed it down to 40 of the most disliked foods, and then got down to business. The article says:

"...we turned to Google Search Trends to find which of the hate-able foods each state searches the least. The opposite of love isn’t pure hate, it’s indifference– By finding out where people are looking for the least recipes, online food orders and in general have bottom-level search interest in, we could find the food they truly dislike the least."

According to this particular study, the most hated food in the U.S. is olives. They were the top choice in 13 different states. My question is... are we talking green or black? Because I hate green olives, but I'll eat an entire can of black olives if given the option!

Here in Iowa, the most hated food is NOT olives (although it IS the pick for Illinois). It's actually anchovies, which is the second most hated food overall. It's also the most hated in Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Missouri. Our neighbors in Minnesota and South Dakota apparently hate eggplant. Some of the other foods to make the list include bologna, beets, sushi, and turkey bacon.

I enjoy sushi and turkey bacon, and bologna is ok, but I've never had beets before, so I can't really comment on them. My most hated food would probably be mushrooms. I was actually surprised that wasn't one of the top picks! What's a food you absolutely HATE? Let us know in the comments below!

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