With only a few days left before the Patriots and Falcons face off, grocery store shelves are growing bare. Nachos, beer and pigs in a blanket fill our freezers and fridges nights before the big game. According to Delish, every state has a game day food that's consumed more than others. For Iowa, this food is.....not corn. It's crispy chicken!

"Crispy Chicken is never a fumble." - Judy Kim, Delish


Now, when it comes to our neighboring states, tastes seem to vary.

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    Illinois: French Fries

    Whether their crispy, crunchy, crinkly, sweet, salty, or soft ...Illinois loves their french fries!

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    Minnesota: Burgers

    This state keeps it classic with a good ol' juicy burger.

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    Missouri: Pizza

    Pizza is the perfect choice for Missourians much on while watching their favorite sports.

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    Nebraska: Grilled Beef

    It doesn't matter if it's on a kabob or put straight on the grill. Nebraskans can't get enough grilled meat!

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    South Dakota: Vegan

    This one may surprise you. It looks like South Dakota goes for healthier options when gathering to watch the big game.

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    Wisconsin: Pasta

    Nope it's not cheese! People in Wisconsin choose to fill up on pasta while watching the game.