Just what we need.

The mugginess continues today as hundreds of thousands continue to clean up, most without power or air conditioning, in the aftermath of Monday's derecho.

Iowa's News Now Weather First Forecast Center tells us there's a chance of Friday night thunderstorms. They sound like your "run of the mill" thunderstorms, not anywhere close to as severe as what we experienced Monday, but it's obviously not what we wanted to hear. The worst part of this system will be gusty winds.  "There could be issues due to loose debris, unstable trees and structures and people who have lost parts of their homes and roofs."

Make sure you're taking breaks and hydrating as you work through the humidity today. Saturday will be cooler with highs in the lower 80s.

Next week will be quite fall-like and in the 70s.  We are looking forward to it.

We have links to the latest derecho recovery information, as well as the WeatherFirst forecast when you listen with the free mobile app. Now is a great time to download, as our service might be occasionally interrupted over the air in the coming days.  Here's a  handy guide from the City of Cedar Rapids about everything you need to know regarding their derecho recovery guidelines and response in the coming days.

While the rain might cool us off tonight, it may be a problem for those still trying to literally piece their homes back together. Stay safe.

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