One of the day's headlining speakers this Sunday at the CBS2 Your Health Expo is an expert and doctor who has appeared on national television, written books and helped thousands manage and overcome multiple sclerosis related issues.

University Of Iowa Clinical Professor of Medicine, Dr. Terry Wahls received a $1 million grant from the U of I to compare two diets, the Swank Diet and Wahls Elimination Diet to determine what benefits they have for MS patients.

Her key findings included the discovery that three cups of each of the following can help: leafy greens (raw or cooked), brightly colored vegetables and sulfur-rich vegetables (cabbage, onions, mushrooms, etc). Dairy, gluten, soy, nightshades, vegetable oils, and grains and legumes should be eliminated due to potential food sensitivities by MS patients.

Dr. Wahls also reaffirms the need for exercise. She went on to create a new diet, called the Wahls Protocol, which you can learn more about in her book, and during her speech this Sunday.

Meet and listen to Dr. Wahls during her speech this Sunday. Find out more about the CBS2 Your Health Expo here, and about Dr. Wahls and her work here.

Please join us Sunday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m at the DoubleTree.


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