One Waterloo resident was off to a rockin' start to 2022.

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Over the past few years, the officials behind the Powerball have partnered up with the team behind Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest to give one lucky player a millionaire. Powerball's First Millionaire of 2022 contest kicked off the new year in an exciting fashion for five players across the country.

Two Iowa residents were representing the state as finalists for this exciting contest.


The five finalists for this drawing were:

Linda Perkins from Aurora, Illinois

Aaron Rose from Slaughter, Louisiana 

Brian Mineweaser from Honey Brook, Pennsylvania

Shari Beenken from Titonka, Iowa

Rob Long from Waterloo, Iowa

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Long of Waterloo was actually not just playing for himself, he was actually representing a group of 22 players affectionately called 'Lotto 22.'

The special million dollar drawing, went off without a hitch, but Long didn't come out as the victor. The Powerball First Millionaire of the year contest came to a conclusion after midnight on January 1st. Neither of the Iowa residents ended up winning the major prize.

Mineweaser from Pennsylvania was crowned the first millionaire of the year on the broadcast.

Don't feel bad for Long! While he didn't win the million dollars, he did get a nice consolation prize. All of the five finalists won a $10,000 cash prize, an electronics prize pack that included a 70-inch television, sound system, laptop, and camera. Plus, the team behind the New Years Rockin' Eve broadcast set Long up with a nice at-home party package.

No matter what the result was going to be, this Waterloo resident was ringing in the new year in style.

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