Despite the fact that video conferencing software has been around since 2002, many still believe that Zoom, or any other form of video conferencing software, to be difficult to learn how to use properly.

Or at lease prove it so with every Zoom call.

Zoom, like Skype and GoToMeeting, is a tool for webinars and online meetings. But what makes Zoom unique? The first thing we love about Zoom is its simplicity: you don't need to download any software; you can sign up and use it right away. Second, it works on almost every platform: iOS, Android, Mac OSX and Windows Phone. This makes it incredibly convenient for anyone who does presentations or WebExs outside their classroom—whether that's across campus or across continents.


It's accessibility has made it ripe for idiots who don't know how to use technology and push their anti-technology agenda on the rest of us.

According to a new study:

51% of people have been told they need to un-mute themselves.  And 44% of us feel second-hand embarrassment when we have to tell someone else they're on mute.  Here are the top ten phrases we're sick of hearing on Zoom . . .

1.  "Can you all hear me?"

2.  "Oops, we lost you there for a second."

3.  "You're on mute."

4.  "Sorry, my connection sucks."

5.  "Please mute yourself if you're not speaking."

6.  "Ah . . . technology."

7.  "I love your background."

8.  "Let's talk about it offline."

9.  "I'll get it to you by the end of the day."

10.  "Can everyone see my screen?"

There are companies that don't even have a physical office anymore because employees never physically meet. It's easier for me to visit my clients on Zoom than to make a someone drive to a meeting at the Rock & Roll Mansion.  So I use Zoom every week some days even multiple times per day.

But just because we can...doesn't mean we should.


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