As things continue to open up again after what felts like eons of quarantine, it seems like we can finally begin to experience some of the things we were able to pre-pandemic. Among these things are concerts, events, seeing family & friends, and so much more. But that being said, there are some things we probably won't be happy to see again.

COVID took a lot away, and though most of it sucked to an exponential level, there were some silver linings. I managed to avoid updating my driver license thanks to COVID shutting down the DMV.

Some even joke about losing their social skills during this pandemic. While others were happy to not have to socialize at all during the pandemic, besides the zoom calls of course.

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As you get out there don't forget to have fun and stay safe. Most of all focus on the great things that are going on. Also don't forget to do any errands you put off due to COVID... like getting a new license.

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