Lynda Ficken Haddy is a medical secretary at Unity Point whose CPR training proved invaluable on a bike ride with friends last summer.

She and several members of the Hawkeye Bicycle Association set off from Greene Square Park. Lynda was keeping up with the front of the group but fell behind a little, ending up alongside Terry Whatley and Jim McLaughlin.

Several miles out, near Lisbon, McLaughlin got dizzy, called his wife for a ride and collapsed. Lynda sprung into action and started compressions while Whatley called 911 from his phone, then stayed on the line with McLaughlin's wife on his.

Lynda didn't panic but may have saved a life, as it was later discovered McLaughlin had suffered a "widowmaker" heart attack.

We're glad everything turned out fine, and we applaud Lynda Ficken Haddy. In case you're wondering how we define "hometown hero", that would be it.

You can nominate a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, EMT, teacher, active or military personnel, doctor, nurse, 911 dispatcher or any type of person who makes heroism their life's work.

You can also nominate the type of person like Lynda, with the courage and knowledge to make an everyday difference.

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