In Mooresville, North Carolina , there is an 11-year-old dog named Charlie. Charlie is blind due to having to have both eyes removed due to pain from glaucoma. However, if you thought this stopped Charlie from playing and living the life of a beloved family pet, you would be wrong.

Charlie has a good friend to help him out. There is a 4-month-old puppy named Maverick who helps out Charlie and has become his "seeing eye puppy." Owners, Adam and Chelsea Stipe, had to have Charlie's left eye removed in 2016 due to pain and the right one followed. They decided to get a puppy to help Charlie out. Maverick and Charlie were not the best friends at first but as time went on they have become the best of buddies. The owners even say that Charlie has a puppy like quality since being with Maverick.

So how did they become so famous? Well, owners Stipe have created an Instagram account for the two doggies and have had such a huge response on social media that they already have over 32,000 followers!