Thousands of people did not know this veteran personally, but they knew the sacrifice he bared for our country and chose to honor a stranger's legacy.

Wayne Wilson is a Vietnam War veteran who served in the army from 1971-1977 and was wounded in the Vietnam war, died on May 28th at the age of 67-years-old. On, Wednesday July 17th, 2019, Wayne's funeral was set for him to be buried with full military honors and the military salute. However, not many people were set to be at this hero's funeral, as he had no living relatives left... that is until one of Wayne's friends put a call out.

One of Wilson's friends had put a call out to the community of Niles, Michigan to get members to attend this hero's funeral. Although the friends were expecting 10 to 15 community members to show up, that is not exactly what happened... Actually, 3,000 people turned out on Wednesday afternoon to pay their respects to the Vietnam War veteran! And no, they were not all from the area, people came from all over including Tennessee, Iowa, Florida and Indiana.

Wilson's friends and even the funeral homeowners were amazed at this not at all expecting such a turn out for a stranger. He got the funeral he deserved so now Rest In Peace Wayne Wilson, you deserve it.

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