Sometimes it is hard to ask for help from others. We are all so independent as human beings, that asking for help can be seen as a sign of weakness. Thankfully, there are those in this world that recognize this need and step in to help anyways, such as this police officer.

This past week, Officer Brian Zagorski of the Niles Police Department in Illinois, saw a homeless man walking down the street and then trip over the worn out rubber soles of his shoes. Zagorski decided to approach the man to see what his situation was. Zagorski started a conversation with him and then asked if the homeless man wanted a bag of toiletries and supplies courtesy of a community assistance program offered by the police department. However, the man declined.

So Zagorski got another idea in mind. The officer asked the homeless man what shoe size he was.... and he happened to be the exact same size as the officer. So, Zagorski took off his own shoes and gave them to him! The homeless man accepted them happily and then strolled away. Zagorski plans to keep an eye out for his new street friend.

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