Is it ever TOO EARLY to have a drink during the day? When is it a socially acceptable time to have a drink during the day?

You have heard many people suggest that day drinking is acceptable but as long as you start in the afternoon or that you don't start drinking until nighttime. But when is it really acceptable to start drinking?

According to a survey done by YouGov, of the 2,747 people surveyed, one in six of them suggest that noon is the earliest time of the day that it is acceptable to start drinking on non-working days. The next best time that was chosen to have a drink was after 6 p.m.

Now, this doesn't mean that you can't drink before noon ever but be aware that you may be a little judged for it (certainly not by me, you do you). I don't know if we really have an answer to this question but I do know that as long as you are responsible, you drink when you want too.


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