When you're on a road trip and running low on fuel or need a quick bathroom break, the small convenience store/gas stations just off the interstate are an oasis during a long drive.

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And it's rare to never that a stop at the roadside gas station is described as a culinary adventure or a shopping paradise, but there is a convenience store so big that it's not just becoming a stop on the way to a major attraction, it's becoming the major attraction.

First Location of Gigantic Convenience Store Opening in Wisconsin

There's a Texas-based gas station/convenience store chain that has plans for a "Texas-sized" location just outside of Madison, Wisconsin.

Buc-ee's started as a modest convenience store that has blossomed into an iconic institution, drawing visitors from far and wide, and soon a Deforest, Wisconsin location will open and will be less than 40 miles from the popular tourist destination Wisconsin Dells.

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These stores are massive with the location planned in Wisconsin expected to have about 74,000 square feet of store space and will have 631 parking spaces, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

How Much Longer Until Buc-ee's Opens Its Wisconsin Location?

According to the report from the Journal-Sentinel, there's no opening date set for the Wisconsin Buc-ee's, but they could start building this summer.

When asked if more locations could be opened in Wisconsin and Illinois, the general counsel to Buc-ee's Jeff Nadalo said they "are interested in additional locations in WI, though we do (not) have any confirmed projects to announce."

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