Studies reveal that it takes the average person four days to get back to normal following the holidays. This according to a study done by SPANA. And hey, this totally makes sense, especially in Iowa where it's cold and (usually) very snowy and bleak... Think of the post holiday funk we go through every year. Here are some of the other findings in the study:

  • 44% of people suffer from the January Blues
  • 52% of people say during the early part of January they will be at work in body, but not mind
  • 30% of people expect work to be awful in January because they won't have any time off for several weeks
  • 20% of people are likely to return to a heavy workload next week
  • 20% of people are considering calling in sick next week
  • 33% of people say they will suffer from a lack of money in January

But there are way to beat the January Blues... It's simple: Visit a beach. What? That would do it for most of us, no?

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