I had a conversation with my cousin last night and he was confused as to what I did for a living.  "Yeah, you're a 'DJ' but like...what do you do?"

Good question.  Technically I'm a DJ, commercial production manager and apparently a journalist.  And anything else is wasting time. Which, according to CNBC we are doing every day at work!

Here's how NOT to waste time according to this study...


1. Responding to emails right away.  Instead of hearing the "ding" of an incoming email and jumping into action...feel free to check it once an hour.  Maybe even 2-3 times a day if you can get away with it.  That way you can stay in the flow of what you're doing and not get distracted.  I try to do this and it does work!


2. Getting distracted by other tasks.  Things are going to pop up.  It's inevitable. But bouncing around from task to task is no way to get things done.  Have a priority list and make sure you knock that out before anything else takes over.


3. Scrolling through social media.  This is a hard one for me.  Not because what you people post on the socials is too enthralling, but because I look for things to talk about on the air and web.  So, sometimes it's easy to get lost in all the memes and viral videos.

They say turning off your notifications or putting your phone in a different room can help minimize the temptation to check your apps. Or set aside a few time blocks throughout the day where you don't check your phone at all.

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