Everything. The end.

All jokes aside there are many crazy trends and wild ideas that popped up in 2020 that many people hated. Today we will look at some of these awful and crazy ideas.

20. Twitter Getting Rid Of The Retweet Button

thankfully this only last a few weeks.


19. Cyber Punk Forcing Its Game Release To Early

Kid's and adults alike couldn't wait for this game. Fans pushed for it to come out ASAP. This lead to it be taken off the PlayStation store less than two weeks after it's release due to bugs.

18. D'amelio Family Dinner Drama

Nothing like a famous TikTok kid getting hate for being disrespectful during a dinner.

17. Big Ed 's Random Shoot To Stardom 

Ed gained fame after "90 day fiancé', but just as fast as he got the fame, it seems as though he lost it. Ed may be left in 2020.

16. Baby Yoda Eating The Eggs

The most adorable Star Wars character out there eating someone's babies was a bit weird. Personally I forgave the child, but many hated baby Yoda (Grogu) forever after this.

15. The Random Hate On Billie Eilish For Winning A Ton Of Awards

People on the internet were mad that Ellish won countless awards at events like the Grammys. It was weird, but died out pretty fast.

62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals
Amy Sussman, Getty Images

14. The internet Fell In Love With Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong-un's Sister

This happened after people thought Kim Joung-un may have died. Thankfully this trend died out when people learned more about here and her connections in North Korea.

13. The Fake Cake Trend

People showed off their cake skills by making hyper realistic cakes. This blew the internet's mind, and let to the question, "is it cake?"

12. TikTok Was Almost banned Multiple Times

TikTok was almost went down after the Trump administration put it's sights on the video sharing platform.

11. Twitter Got Hacked 

Not only was Twitter Hacked, but countless verified accounts were too. This was all a giant Bitcoin scam.

10. Jared Leto Learning About The Pandemic Weeks After Everyone Else Did 

Jared Leto is an... Interesting guy.

9.  Chris Evans Got His Ding Dong Put On The Internet

Many fans have now accidently seen Chris Evans down stars. He used this moment of attention to remind people to vote.

8. The Tragic Life Of Quibi 

The video platform Quibi launched and then shut down only six months and a billion dollars later.



7. Michael Bloomberg Ran For President

Not to get political, but I can't think of one person who was happy about this. It was all just memes on the internet.

6. Murder Hornets

At one point this seemed like a huge threat, and while they are still around. It was clearly a bit over hyped.

5. Petition To Release Joe Exotic From Prison

Look Tiger king is great, and fun to watch. Joe is funny, and real, but he did a crime. He should be in jail.


4.  Kanye West Actually Ran For President

He said he'd do it, and he did. Even if it was a publicity stunt he showed up on ballots in multiple states including Iowa.

3. Stockpiling Toilet Paper

Not sure why we did this when COVID became a concern, but we did.

2. Mr. Peanut Dying, Then Becoming A Baby, And Then A Teenager

Yes this all happened in 2020. It was a weird marketing idea for sure, but hey I'm talking about it. So in a way it works.

1. Carol Baskin On Dancing With The Stars

Carol Baskin milked the fame of Tiger King for all it was worth, and it was interesting to see her on DWTS. This is number one only because I want people to never forget what we let happen.


2020 has been a stressful year hopefully these goofy moments could remind you of the funnier parts of 2020. It also had a few great trends too you can check those out here. This list was made possible thanks to Mashable and Buzzfeed.

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