This Sunday is a hugely popular event in America. You may have heard of it. Some football game between the Falcons and Patriots. I think they call it the Super Bowl. Last year's game, according to CNN, was the third most watched in history. Kickoff is at 5:30 p.m. Iowa time, which gives you plenty of time to finish everything you need to do that day before you settle into watch the gridiron action. But, obviously, not everyone is interested. Some people might even have to work. I can't help you there. So what are some alternatives if you're looking for other things to keep you occupied?

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    Puppy Bowl

    Puppies running around, chasing each other and playing with toys, all televised on cable's Animal Planet? It's a no-brainer. The channel's TV listings show Puppy Bowl airing at 2, 5 and 7 p.m. Sunday, giving you plenty of chances to catch the furry fun. But the felines aren't being left out, as Hallmark Channel is airing Kitten Bowl on Sunday. If you have pets, stage your own Puppy or kitten bowl! Cuteness galore.

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    Movie Night

    Pick up some movies, or go out to see one with the family.

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    Brian McEntire, ThinkStock

    Family Game Night

    Don't just turn the TV off. Turn ALL of your devices off and order some pizza, dig out the board games (remember those?) and have some family fun. Or just hang out and talk to each other or go out for a special dinner.

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    Gianluca Rasile, ThinkStock

    Watch Something Else

    Check out the new releases on Netflix and find something you might enjoy. Or...go ahead and watch the game to look forward to the commercials or Lady GaGa's Halftime show.

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    omgimages, ThinkStock


    Yeah, I know, boring. But hey, you're looking for something else to do that night, so if you haven't finished by 5:30 you can always do some cleaning. Frankly, it's a neverending job.

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