Today we saw that Iowa ranked number 15 for most over weight states. Most Americans are also seeing an increase of unhealthy habits. Many are worried that this pandemic has sent Americans back to snacking, and poor eating habits. 

Consider comfort foods for stressful times.
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A 2020 Food & Health Survey, 85% of Americans have made at least some change in the food they eat or how they prepare it. This is both good and bad.

60% of Americans report cooking at home more. Respondents also say they are snacking more (32%), washing fresh produce more often (30%) and thinking about food more than usual (27%).

Clearly cooking at home leads to a more healthy life style which is great! Sadly many Americans are also seeing an increase of fast food purchases, and delivery services. These options while unhealthy are fast, and for the most part safe.

Hopefully more Americans start going back to healthy eating, but you can't blame anyone for trying to stay safe, and eating more unhealthy. However many stories do offer safe pickup now though, so there are healthy options.

A poor diet is also rumored to increase the risk of COVID. Which just adds more stress to those trying to figure out new routine, and eating habits. You can find more information about healthy eating. 

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