Cedar Rapids Police Officer David Zahn is our hero of the week! On Wednesday, June 12th, Zahn helped rescue a small kitten out of the engine compartment of a KWWL Television news vehicle.

Yesterday, around 12:40 p.m., reporter Ashley Neighbor and her cameraman saw a distressed kitten on the side of the road. They pulled over to see if they could help the little guy, and that's when things got crazy!

When they tried to grab the kitten, it quickly ran under the car. When Officer Zahn arrived on the scene, he instructed them to open the hood of the news vehicle. He told them in situations like these, kittens try to crawl into the engine compartment. And that's exactly what happened.

Luckily Zahn was there, as he was able to pull the kitten out of the compartment and the little guy was safe. Had the kitten stayed in there much longer, it would have been bad news for our furry friend. The kitten had some cuts and minor injuries, but was purring minutes after the rescue!

The kitten was adopted by a friend of Ashley's, and he was quickly given a fitting name. "Newsie" is resting at his new home, enjoying a hot saucer of milk.

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