Cedar Rapids, you are one hungry town. Last week, we asked you what restaurant you'd most like to see in Cedar Rapids, and the answers came flooding in. We literally had 63 different entries. Wowza!  Some were very regional, or simply a one-off local restaurant in another city that unfortunately didn't get a bunch of votes. Others got tons of votes. We also discovered you really like a bunch of different burger chains.

Here are the top vote getters with their closest location in brackets.

  1. Cracker Barrel (Davenport)
  2. Five Guys (In every state BUT Iowa and Hawaii!!)
  3. Cheesecake Factory (Des Moines)
  4. Famous Daves (Cedar Falls or Davenport)
  5. Portillos (Rockford, IL)
  6. In N Out Burger (Texas or Utah)
  7. Joe's Crab Shack (West Des Moines)
  8. Dave and Busters (Chicago area)
  9. Waffle House (Columbia, MO - 4 hrs away)
  10. Golden Corral (Davenport)
  11. Macaroni Grill (Chicago suburbs)
  12. Hooters (Davenport)
  13. PF Changs (West Des Moines)
  14. Zombie Burger (Coming soon to Iowa City?)
  15. Denny's (Brooklyn, IA)
  16. Giordano's (Rockford, IL)
  17. Boston Market (Chicago suburbs)
  18. WhatABurger (Oklahoma)
  19. TGI Fridays (Moline)
  20. Jack In The Box (St. Louis)
    Jethro's BBQ (Des Moines)
    White Castle (Dekalb, IL)
    Old Chicago (Coralville)

So, now that we're all hungry, where's your next destination?

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