Sometimes scammers try some really stupid things. Case in point... the Cedar Rapids Police Department has tweeted a warning on Twitter that a person or persons are calling residents posing as someone from the department. What those calls are claiming is nothing short of ridiculous.

According to the tweet, the department received several calls from people who said the caller(s) told them they'd be arrested or a relative would be put in jail IF the person receiving the call didn't buy a money card or gift card and provide the information to the caller. There is no way a police department would ever call you and make a threat like that.

A similar warning came from the Marion Police Department via Twitter last month when they said people were calling residents telling them there was a warrant for their arrest. How could they avoid being arrested? They had to pay.

Sorry scammers, we're way too smart for this. Any good criminal would know that the money comes after an arrest. It's called bail. Keep it up and you'll know all about it.

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