This year's hype for the annual Iowa State vs. Iowa (Cy-Hawk) football game may be falling a little flat, but for the second week in a row, the song for the "Iowa Wave" has been chosen by a "Kid Captain" from the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital and it's an inspirational choice, indeed.

This week's Kid Captain is a 7-year-old from Waukee, Audrey Schellner. The song she has chosen might not be as familiar to fans as last week's choice but fans of the movie "The Greatest Showman" will know it well.

Audrey was diagnosed with persistent fetal vasculature, a congenital disorder. She and her family were told she would likely be legally blind and were given a second diagnosis of microcephaly, which meant she had a smaller-than-normal head that could lead to abnormal brain development and intellectual disabilities.

Gradually, Audrey's eyesight improved, she was given special glasses, had laser eye surgery and for a time, wore an eye patch.

Audrey's mother Amanda says she is now thriving and gives thanks to the staff at Stead Family Children's Hospital

They're truly experts in what they do and they care. It's incredible to have the amount of knowledge they have under one roof

Amanda also says Audrey's case was considered very rare, one of 87 in the country, and she calls that another testament to the thankless work of the staff at the children's hospital.

Hers was the 13th novel, meaning it's the only one like that. I can’t believe her incredible team was able to discover something so obscure and provide us with answers we so desperately needed.

The song she has chosen is "This is Me", sung by Keala Settle. It will be familiar to fans of "The Greatest Showman" and the video can be seen below. Most importantly, the song is meaningful to Audrey, because of her love of singing, dance, and art. We at home can't wait to join both the Hawkeyes, Cyclones, and their fans, and all in attendance in the wave to Audrey and all the others at the hospital after the first quarter

Learn more about Audrey Schellner's story and her fight here.

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