Every mom has their "moments", whether it's a mom fail, funny moment, or a great memory. In preparation for #IMOMSOHARD coming to Cedar Rapids, we asked you to send in your "mom moments" via the KDAT app for a chance to win tickets to the show!

#IMOMSOHARD is a viral Facebook series that features two moms as they talk the good, the bad, and the funny when it comes to motherhood. You can join in on the conversation during #IMOMSOHARD: Moms Night Out Round 2 at McGrath Amphitheatre on Saturday, June 2.

Here are our lucky winners that shared their "mom moments" and will be at the show!

Sharon Minger: "I like to caption this 'Softball moms don't sweat...they glisten.' Our pretty parasol gave Denise and I a sophisticated appearance when, in truth, we were sweaty, hot messes cheering our daughters on the ball field simultaneously craving a nice, cold beer."

Sharon Minger

Keli Hagen: "Every morning when I drop my daughter off at school, she gets out of the car and reaches in the back window to pet our dog, Margot. One day I started pulling away too soon as she was petting the dog and ran over her foot. She started screaming "Mom! You're on my foot! Pull forward!" In my panic I put the car in reverse and ended up running over her foot TWICE. Yep. Twice. I was frantically telling her to get in the car, but she wouldn't. She hobbled off into the building as I pulled into the parking lot in shame and guilt. I was going to follow her in and have the nurse check her foot when I realized I literally had ONE piece of clothing on my body. One. My pajama top. No bra, no panties, no socks...not even a pair of shoes. JUST my pajama top. I called the nurse and she asked if I was coming in and I had to explain why I wouldn't be coming in. (I back out of the garage and pull back in the garage. No need to put excess clothing on, right?) The nurse called a bit later to tell me she didn't think anything was "crushed or broken"...OMG!!! but she said her pants had a black mark on the knee where the car tire rubbed against her. The mom shame was too much to handle. I sent a group text to my mom and my older two kids to share my major mom-fail. They all got a kick out of it, but my oldest daughter's comment is what stuck with me. She said "Don't worry, mom. I'm sure she'll be fine. Physically, anyway." UGH. I won't be living this one down anytime soon."

Keli Hagen

Whether it's good, bad, or just plain funny, every mom has their moments. If you want to share your mom moments, check out the show at McGrath Ampitheatre on June 2. See ya there!