Just my luck. I move a little further away from my workplace to be a little more secluded from my job, and this happens.

My program director, Mike Ferris, who I hope has as good a sense of humor as I think he does, has been living out of an apartment for two years in Cedar Rapids since moving from Madison. Well, he's finally making the big leap and purchasing a condo. Congratulations, Mike--but did it have to be a block away from MY house?!

What's going to happen when I call in that I'm snowed in and can't come to work? He'll know better because he's only a BLOCK AWAY! He'll probably even offer me a ride to make sure I'm not playing hooky.

Is he going to ask me to watch his dog when he goes on vacation? Even worse, I think he's got a cat. I don't know anything about cats. Dare I ask, is he even going to ask me to help him move?! Punish me for my misbehavior at work by demanding I mow his lawn? I guess it's better than getting fired....ugh.

Let's face it, I'll be getting away with a lot less shenanigans than I do now. Not only do I have to be on my best behavior at work, no more acting up in my own backyard anymore either.

Speaking of which, we've even been talking about a barbecue when he moves in. I need to socialize more anyway, I just hope I don't have to start calling him Mr. Ferris, as in "Mr. Ferris' Neighborhood"--at work or out walking our dogs in the park. I promise not to let mine do his business on your lawn.

Seriously, Mr. Ferris, I'm truly glad and honored to have you moving into my neighborhood. Welcome. Just don't ask me to trim your hedges.....unless it means I can leave early next Friday!

Have you ever had a boss move in near you? How did you handle it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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