When you're growing up, at some point in time, you swear to yourself that you won't turn out like your parents did. You'll do things differently! But then when you have kids of your own, you find yourself doing and saying a lot of the same things that your parents did when you were a kid. It has certainly happened to me. I find myself sounding more like my dad every year older I get. And while some dads might have their own unique catchphrase, there are also many sayings that every dad is guilty of.

So, as Father's Day approaches later this month, dads young and old take a look at the following phrases and count how many YOU are guilty of saying on a regular basis!

  • "Guess it's free then." (when a cashier has trouble ringing up an item)
  • "Found it!" (when pointing a stud finder at your chest)
  • "Looks like we'll have to amputate." (when your kid has a minor injury)
  • "Let's rock and roll!" (said when it's time to leave)
  • "Did you fall in?" (when someone takes too long in the bathroom)
  • "No, your other right." (when someone confuses their left from right)
  • "What's the damage?" (said before looking at a bill)
  • "Can you do mine next?" (when you see a neighbor washing their car)
  • "I was just resting my eyes." (after falling asleep on the couch)
  • "Guess they'll let anyone in here." (when seeing a friend in public)
  • "Glad we're not going that way." (when seeing traffic on the other side of street)
  • "Can't get very far without these." (after coming back for car keys)
  • "Look...cows!" (said when driving past cows)
  • "I'm not paying to heat the whole neighborhood." (when a door is left open)
  • "It's not heavy, just awkward." (when carrying something heavy)
  • "People don't know how to drive in this town." (said in every town you visit)
  • "We needed this rain." (said every time it rains)
  • "That's how they get you." (after declining an additional warranty)
  • "Back already? How was it?" (someone comes back after forgetting something)
  • "That's not going anywhere." (after tying something down)

Out of those 20 'Dad' sayings, how many are you guilty of uttering? I am fairly certain I've said every single one at some point in my life. I may even say several before today is over! I mean we really do need the rain!

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