As I was going for a run last month I heard a loud scream. It was something I had never heard before, I frantically looked around to see a peacock just walking along a cornfield. It was just casually screaming. When I got home, I looked to see if that kind of scream was normal... It is.

I then saw another one yesterday. Why do I keep seeing these birds everywhere?!

I decided to see if somehow these birds were native to Iowa. They aren't, but a lot of people have them. According to the Des Monies Register, many farmers started getting exotic birds including peacocks back in 2016.

From time to time these birds would simply run away and live on their own, or even join some turkeys, long story short the pets have started doing their own thing all over Iowa.

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I also learned that these guys are a protected species in Iowa. According to the DNR,

All birds in Iowa are protected except for game birds in season, European starlings, and house sparrows. Minus the exceptions, it is illegal to collect bird feathers, nests, or eggs, and to kill, collect, or keep any bird without a special permit, such as a one for an educational facility or a wildlife rehabilitation center.


If you ever happen to see a peacock in Iowa just admire it from afar, and definitely DON'T shoot it. Oh, and get ready to hear some weird screams you never thought a bird so beautiful would make.

I have never seen a peacock outside of a zoo, so this was a really cool thing to see just out in the middle of nowhere in Cedar Rapids Iowa. It made my night a bit more interesting.

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