It's been a long time since I've been on a job interview. I love the job I have, so I haven't felt the need to find a new one! I also haven't brushed up my resume' or interview skills in that time either, but it probably wouldn't hurt.

When you've had a job interview you might have done a few of the things listed as "Interview Mistakes That Can Be Surprisingly Acceptable", a list put together by Business Insider. These are things you might think will ruin your chances but are often perfectly acceptable--to a degree. See if you agree with any of them

  • Rescheduling

    It surprised me to find out that this one is perfectly fine, as long as it's for a legitimate reason like your kid is sick--or you're too sick to leave the house let alone do an interview. Delaying just because you're nervous and trying to procrastinate and buy time is not going to benefit you, something I've been guilty of with interviews before (should I admit that?) Especially if it's a phone interview, it is simply suggested that you inform the interviewer there is an emergency and ask to reschedule. They will generally understand.

  • Not Knowing What You're Interviewing For

    Of course, if there is a specific position you are applying for within a company, you should know what it is. But often, companies will be hiring just for general help and not something specific. It's OK to ask about the duties your job will entail.

  • Tardiness

    Again, things happen. Traffic is backed up, your car breaks down. These are good enough reasons to call the interviewer with an explanation. However, showing up late without explaining yourself is definitely a no-no

  • Interview Attire

    There's all sorts of rules you hear about how you should dress for a job interview that might confuse you. You might not want to wear a suit to McDonald's or sweats to an interview for a law firm--or anyplace else really. Just try to find out what the "company culture" is and dress about a step above that for the interview. You'll have the chance to start blending in after you get the job.

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