It's not bad enough that we have a global pandemic going on that is forcing us to stay home and resort to video calling our friends and family just to stay in touch but now you may be hacked during your video calls! This is not what we needed right now.

Video calls, especially using the program Zoom, has become the norm for all people to keep in contact for work, school, friends and family. However as more people start to "Zoom" there is now a new threat of hackers via video calls.

According to KWWL, "Zoom-bombing" is the new hack that is happening via conference calls where unwanted guests are hacking into the calls and leaving unwanted messages. Many are relating to racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic messages. These have caught the attention of law enforcement and even the FBI. Responses about the cause vary from internet trolls who are operating without malicious intent and extremists who are using this to further their cause.

With Zoom being the biggest victim, they have clarified their privacy policy but not much else has been done.

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