When did everyone get so responsible with their money? That doesn't sound right.

According to a new survey from DigitalHub, the average Iowan is spending a lot less on going out for lunch, coffee, and drinks than you think, we spend just a total of $33 a week.

Here's how that breaks down:

  • $6.50 on coffee. (I spend that in a day. Just saying. Over achiever?)
  • $5.50 on pop, bottled water, and other drinks.
  • And we spend roughly $21 on lunches and takeout. Meaning, we are a cheap date, no?

And even though millennials have a reputation for spending WAY too much on all those things, it's really not crazy. They only spend about 15% more than average, roughly $38 a week. So next time you are on the fence about having a nice lunch out in the middle of your work or school day, treat yo’ self. Because it doesn’t sound like you are spending as much as you thought!