Mick Starcevich, who has served as Kirkwood Community College's president for nearly 13 years, has announced his retirement, effective in 2018, the Gazette reports.

The college has come a long way since Starcevich took the helm. The Gazette says scholarship funding availability has risen from $740,000 to $3 million a year. The Hotel at Kirkwood Center has over 70 rooms available, serving guests and giving hospitality and culinary students a chance to learn on the job. Kirkwood also has numerous satellite branches around Eastern Iowa and a fantastic media and broadcasting program, but I might be a little biased.

Kirkwood Community College is home to its own wind turbine, an impressive energy-saving and educational resource.

I enjoyed the time I spent at Kirkwood, although my academic records might tell a different story. I spent more years than most students do there, and Starcevich was taking over just as my time was winding down. It's a great institution that became even greater under his supervision. We congratulate President Starcevich on his retirement and thank him for his service to Kirkwood.


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