Moving is tough, right? Trying to find the right house in the right neighborhood can be stressful for anyone. I just went through the anxiety-inducing experience of finding an apartment here in Iowa. This one Midwestern college student ran into a bit of an issue when she moved into her new apartment and shared it on Tik Tok.

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I know that many people are counting down the days until you reach the age to retire (or win the lottery so you can retire early) Madison Kohout is a bit ahead of the game.

Kohout moved from her home in Oklahoma to Arkansas, and like many people traveling to a new state she didn't really get to see her housing situation in person until she got there. The young college student found an incredibly nice and affordable two-bedroom apartment. She liked all of her neighbors there, but she did think it was a bit odd that they were all a bit older.

It took her a week to figure out why...

She had moved into a senior citizen living complex...

itsmemadi717 via Tik Tok
itsmemadi717 via Tik Tok

This became so big, that the New York Times even did a story on it.

The "senior living center" is actually meant for all ages. Specifically, it's meant to house older residents, but they'll look the other way if you move in their looking a bit younger than Grandma Pat in the back.

60 years younger...

You can watch the full video down below!


@itsme.madiiiithis is not even a joke LMAO #fyp #WidenTheScreen #seniorcitizens #apartment #moving #outofstate #oof #reallife♬ original sound - Lauren Wisken

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