There's a pretty cool website out there called Only in Your State. They post lists of things you should do or see in each state. Their latest list for Iowa involves "Mistakes Iowans Often Make". Some make sense, but we here at the station might have a bone to pick with one of them. First, a few of the other ones.


  • License Plate Stickers

    You're supposed to renew them every year, on or near your birthday, and put the new one over the top of the old one. Some people apparently still just scatter them around wherever across the license plate. That's a no-no.

  • Texting and Driving

  • Skipping the State Fair

    I don't go that often, but I have, and if you're in Iowa you need to go to the state fair at least once.

  • Chain vs. Local

    Too many people don't patronize our local hometown, mom and pop restaurants, yet will go to the national chains in a heartbeat, and then will be sad (and rightfully so) when the local spots have to shut down. You can't have nice things if you won't use them when you get them.

  • Ignoring the Weather

    We know the drill when it comes to blizzards, tornadoes, etc. but if you don't, you better learn. We don't need to tie up our resources because people weren't prepared. To go along with this, I would include the mistake of whining when television stations spend "too much time" interrupting your shows for weather coverage. Don't go crying to them when something bad happens because you wanted to watch "The Goldbergs" instead.

  • Listening to the Radio (??!!)

    This is more about not seeing enough live music. In fact, our sister station just had a hotly contested couple days of letting listeners debate the best local bands. There is lots of live music out there to see, yet people would rather stay home and complain. The way Only in Your State worded this is where the issue occurs. There's nothing boring about the radio (we hope), but we also encourage you to support live and local bands--but we'd prefer you stay away from those satellite radio formats.

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