When I was in Next Page Books earlier in the week to pick up an item, the owner Bart Carrithers had mentioned as a police car passed by that the NewBo district, where his business is located, had seen a string of recent robberies.

CBS 2 now confirms the story and says that, business owners in the district will be meeting with police today (Thursday) to discuss strategies to keep the burglaries at bay, four of which have happened at the hands of who they believe to be the same person in recent weeks.

Steve Shriver, owner of Brewhemia coffee shop and other NewBo businesses, says they will discuss additional security measures that can be taken, and the possibility of hiring private security personnel to be on the lookout around the NewBo area.

The culprit in this case has a tendency to simply break into some of these businesses but fortunately not take much, if anything, as seen in a mask in the video footage of him breaking into 965 Guitars shop in the following video from CBS2.

Hopefully, the robberies can be stopped and the burglars caught. These local businesses need our help. Please report any strange activity you might notice in the area to police or mention it to the business owners themselves. Also, please continue to patronize them when you can.

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